The struggle!!!

I am sure all you moms(new or old) must have struggled at home or at work due to your motherhood (even in the journey to being a mom!). Let me share you my experience. When I became pregnant, I got a comment from a senior male colleague “I am sure you will leave in maximum one year post joining back from your maternity leave. See we will offer you work from home option. Then gradually you will feel isolated . Your peers will be promoted. Eventually you will be indirectly forced to leave”. Along with the hormonal outbursts you generally have during pregnancy, this just infuriarated me way beyond my control. However I just said to myself “How can this fellow just brand me”. This led to struggle to prove to him that I am not like other moms. I was deputed in a project where I didn’t take a single day leave or came late to work because of my pregnancy. Other so called capable colleagues happily took offs in between. I have some more points around this topic. Now it’s time to catch up precious sleep when my 1 year old is sleeping☺️

Everyday is a new day of excitement and challenge for all the moms out there. I am a working mom and I am experiencing this firsthand. I want to share my everyday experience to all you moms out there. Hence this blogging idea came.Wish this will be a means to connect with all the strong moms out there😊

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Happy blogging!